Short biography

My name is Garrett O’Hara. I’m a husband, father of daughters, military veteran, former worship leader, union laborer, hospice volunteer, and Dallas Theological Seminary graduate (Th.M., New Testament Studies, 2017). I served seven years in the U.S. Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer prior to entering seminary full-time in 2014.  You can find my professional history with more depth on LinkedIn.

Theological labels

Labels have limitations, but they are helpful.

  • Protestant.  I hold to the five solas.
  • Calvinist.  I hold to total depravity, unconditional election, limited (particular) atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints.
  • Credobaptist.  Water baptism is for believers.
  • Cessationist.  The sign gifts of the Holy Spirit are ceased.
  • Premillennial and futurist.  The next eschatological event is the rapture.
  • “Leaky” dispensationalist.  God’s promises to Israel are literal and not yet fulfilled, but I don’t invest hardship towards determining the number of dispensations.
  • Creation in six literal days.
  • Sufficiency of scripture.  A right view of sufficiency denies the need for such common practices even among ostensible cessationists like “vision casting.”
  • “Lordship” salvation.  Repentance is a necessary component of saving faith.  The truly justified will have an increasing pattern of sanctification in this life.
  • Complementarian. The church offices of pastor (any level thereof) and elder are reserved for men. 1 Timothy 2:12 is a persistent command of scripture as revealed in its following context.

Entities not represented

This blog does not represent the opinion of anyone but me.  Entities not represented here include but are not limited to Dallas Theological Seminary, the U.S. Government, the Dallas Cowboys, Andy Stanley, vision casting, non-lordship salvation, and that Rick Warren stained glass at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

You misspelled “mocha.”

A moka pot is a stovetop coffee brewing device sometimes incorrectly called “stovetop espresso.” Mocha is a historical coffee export region in Yemen and a coffee bean variety. Caffè mocha is a chocolate-flavored caffè latte named for the port in Yemen. Mocha java is historically a blend of coffees from Mocha, Yemen and Java, Indonesia.